Revit to rhino guide GH script

Working with Rhino 8, latest rhino.inside.revit software.
The rhino inside revit guide that describes how to import geometry to rhino from revit does not include the GH file. Is it possible to include?

Particularly the python component that is needed to bake the geometry.

Hi AW18,

I changed the forum category of your post from ‘mac’ to Rhino.Inside.Revit

Since you are using Rhino 8 I would recommend baking with the native components (content cache) which allows more complex workflows.

The python bake component is available in the Python scripting guide.

Thanks Japhy! Are there plans to update rhino.inside.revit tutorials to include rhino 8 components/ best practices?

The next big update to the guide will be in Rhino.Inside.Revit 2.0 (no date set)

The GH1 components (new to Rhino 8) are the priority at the moment. These new data types will continue to open up new workflows for RiR, tutorials and best practices related to these at this time would be premature.

This is primary due to all the moving parts at the moment, one in particular to note is that Revit 2025 will be migrating to .Net Core 8, which is impact everyone working in the Revit API across the various releases.

Do you have a particular workflow in mind?