Trying to get Revit elements to Rhino

Used previously skript getting Revit elements to Rhino.Inside Revit. Old script does not work anymore and can’t find new skript anywhere. Old links to script won’t work. New in Grasshopper with entry level skills. Any idea where to get the GH script? Trying to get Escalators from Revit to Rhino.

To get an object from Revit to Rhino you can use a Graphical Element component, right click and select your Escalators, then add a Element Geometry component to extract the geometry. At any point in the process you can right click and bake to get the geometry to Rhino.

It’s also possible to export out a CAD file as a 3D DWG which will then import into Rhino as Polysurfaces.

The process @Rickson describes looks like this:

On the Geometry component, right-click and select bake.

This is a more extensive guide:

Does that help?

Thank you for your advices! When trying to follow extensive guide using script I’ll get notification:

Will try new Rickson’s and Scott’s advice.

No luck. Getting notification saying: 1. Floating parameter Graphical Element failed to collect data. and 1. Input parameter Elements failed to collect data.

Did you right-click on the Graphic element and Pick one Revit element?

Right click did the magic - thank you for the advice :smile: