Revit Stairs and Railings in RiR

What are the possibilities to manipulate Revit Stairs and railings by Grasshopper?
What would be the best strategy in creating “sculptural” stairs and railings with Rhino and Revit? More likely to modify basic Revit Stairs or creating them from scratch in Rhino/GH then import and (sadly) manually annotate?

Creating solid split operations on stairs to make holes in them or odd shapes and preserve most of their characteristics - like a possibility to add railings in Revit?

Right now I can select a whole Stair Element and receive data about it.

Would it be possible to operate on Stairs in GH on a deeper level - recognizing landings and runs with separate data about each other?

Creating/Manipulating Railing Curves and somehow receiving data about stair steps/landings, so our custom GH handrail rungs can be placed in correct places in some automatic manner? - More or less mimic functions of the Railings in Revit but with the ability to make some extra stuff in GH.