A guide on creating a Python Grasshopper component in RIR

I posted a new guide on creating a custom GHPython component in Grasshopper that is Revit aware.

I hope it shows how easy it is to create a customer Python component that interacts with Revit and Rhino at the same time: https://www.rhino3d.com/inside/revit/beta/guides/rir-ghpython


Hi Scott,

It seems like the link has dropped. From paroozing through the git could it have been when RIR was migrated to its own repo?

Nevertheless, I was wondering if the Revit API is exposed through a GHPython node and if that’s what your guide goes into?

Would be fantastic to have that level of interoperability.

Thanks, Pete

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Pete -

We rolled out a new website, the guide is here now: https://www.rhino3d.com/inside/revit/beta/guides/rir-ghpython

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This is exactly what I was hoping for, thanks Scott!