Creating Stairs in grasshopper move into revit, Rhino Inside Revit

Was wondering if anyone has successfully been able to create a complex stair in grasshopper and bringing it into revit? Have been struggling with creating a correct revit family structure from grasshopper geometry. I can use the direct shape component but i was wondering if its possible to build in more revit specific stair attributes.


Hey @adiel
We don’t have any Grasshopper components that deal with Revit stairs at the moment. Revit API has pretty good stair support so you can create custom python components to build the necessary stairs for you. But it’s not going to be as simple as converting a Rhino geometry to a native Revit stair. You have to create and prepare the right stair type, railing configurations, etc an then create an instance of that stair type.

We are working on providing support for this


that would be great if there is those kind of component in the future! thank you!

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