How do you create organic stairs with Rhino, Revit and Grasshopper?

I don’t know how to create stairs, whether it be simple or organic stairs with landings and all using Rhino, Revit and Grasshopper? Are there any resources for that? Thanks

It can be done via API, but its fairly complex. At the moment drawing in the Revit UI is the best way to go.

Thanks for the reply.

But there are too much information there. I don’t see my specific answer for my question. Do you mind providing step-by-step instructions?


Please refer to the Autodesk documentation for creating stairs in the Revit UI

If you are looking to make stairs in Rhino/GH Joseph Oster is a good resource.

I know how to create stairs in both revit and rhino/grasshopper in their separate apps. I was telling in terms of Rhinoinsiderevit 1.0 through API. The steps it takes.

DirectShape is your only option probably. Create your stair geometry in Rhino and add that geometry to Revit using Add DirectShape component.

oh that’s great too. Is there a tutorial for it? Thanks for answering

Following definition might be an example of that.
loft (13.2 KB)