Revit Material With Luminance Showing Up Black


I am trying to add an emissive material to geometry I am bringing into Revit.

If, in grasshopper, I assign an existing emissive material to the geometry, it works fine.

However, if I create a new material and appearance asset with a luminance value set the material shows up black and inside the Revit Material Editor the Self Illumination category is not checked and the Luminance and Color Temperature values are the Revit defaults and not the values assigned in Grasshopper.

Am I overlooking something obvious in the way I am setting up my materials in Grasshopper?

Thank you for your help!

Hi Michael, At first glance it sounds like the element tracking is replacing the material (overwriting any changes you’ve made to the asset), i can test this out later today.

Everything except the Glossiness input is working as expected. I was getting a error unless the glossiness was in-between 0.0-1.0


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@Japhy Thank you! So the glossiness is normalized in 0-1 vs Revit material editor being 0-100?

That’s easy enough! I’ll go double check it works and mark solved. Thanks again!