Material Graphics error

I’m getting an error message, when I use Material Graphics.

  1. RhinoInside.Revit: Cannot modify the document for either a read-only external command is being executed, or changes to the document are temporarily disabled.

I can’t find (or don’t know) any external commands running. I get this error message as soon as I connect a color swatch even in an empty Grasshopper canvas.

What would cause this issue?

Hi @Dongyeop_Lee,

I’m unable to reproduce this here on an empty Revit model using v0.6.

Could you please try after update to v0.6?
If still fails please share here a .gh and a .rvt file here that fails.


Thank you, @kike.
I have an older version, 0.3.7762 (04/02/2021), and I’m getting this error in our company Revit template file. I’ll let you know if installing the latest RiR version would resolve the issue.

After installing the latest version, the issue is gone. Thanks @kike!

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When I apply transparency, I’m getting this error message: “1. RevitAPI: values for shininess must be between 0 and 128
Parameter name: transparency”
I’m not sure why this message is about shininess when the transparency input is used. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong to apply transparency?


I am currently experiencing this issue. I guess it is back?

As soon as I input any value to transparency other than 0 I get the error

Hi @George_Avramescu,

The error message is weird and will be corrected, it should say something like “valid range for Transparency is 0.0, 1.0.”

Thank you! it works just fine now.