Revit: Get Annotation and Tag text values

Hello, is there a way to extract the words or letter in a Text annotation and a Tag? For example i want to get the values of the Property Line Segment Tags as text in Rhino.

multiple views? or one plan view? A quick way to work with these would be to Query View Elements of the active view, filter by category (annotation) once you have isolated the elements you can get the info and location to place the rhino text.

Post an example file if you still have questions.

Hi rickson, actually i want to get the Text from revit and bake it in rhino. I want to bake the text from revit into rhino. I cant seem to do this by simply querying the annotation category because once I plug the Filtered elements into Element Geometry and then into a Text component, it doesn’t get the written text.

Use the inspect component on the element then right click to get all parameters to find the one you need, it should output as a string.

Sorry rickson, there doesnt seem to be the actual value of the tag. Is there another way?

Just noticed that myself, it looks like you will need to get the info from the line vs the tag. There’s probably a way to get the host but not seeing it at the moment.

Ye too bad. Maybe @scottd @eirannejad can help?

it looks like you need to get the info from what was tagged…

The tag text is a class property on the DB.IndependentTag. I made a tiny python component that extracts the text from the tags. You should be able to pass any tag into this:

PropertyLineSegmentTags_v20.rvt (404 KB) (10.2 KB)

Is it possible to find the ID Number that the tag was associated with?

replied in the thread you created Tag Element Host

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