Material Tag Doesn't Recognize Element


I am at RiR version 1.12.8449.6358 and trying to use “Material Tag” component to do massive tagging in precise locations of Elevations and Sections. But it doesn’t recognize the material from an element and seems to use the “Category Tag” function in the background.

Need help on that, thanks!

Hi Hali, a quick test in 1.14 looks OK. I placed the top tag manually to confirm i had a material tag loaded.

Hey Japhy, long time no see. Got it, I will update my RiR.

In 1.14, is the Element input required or optional? My case is I am trying to replace previous Generic Annotation to real Material Tag in the whole project. I have the location ready, but it will be hard for me to get the exactly element of everything.

Yes, The Tag Location is more than just a point, it has to be a Computed Reference on the Element.

You may want to look at adding in a Shared Parameter that your existing Tag can read instead.