Extracting Annotation Category Linework

Is there a way to extract annotation category linework within rhino.inside? I am trying to extrude the Matchline linework within my model to create zoning separation visuals, however the only output from matchlines currently shows as text.

Thank you for the help!


I think you need to attach an Element Geometry node to the Element output to get the lines.


When attached, the element geometry node is shown as empty. The matchlines could also be considered planes in this project, but still I do not have a way of extracting them.


Right, given that they are planes I’m not sure how they can be referenced.


Found it!

Since Matchlines consist of multiple entities (Sketch, Plane & Location Data), it needs to be unwrapped first with the “Element Dependents” Component

attached the gh Definition that is working for me.
Revit Matchlines to Curves.gh (9.2 KB)

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Thank you for the solution! the Element dependency option works, but strangely when I filter the elements to only include “sketch” (or any of the other outputs) via Eval, the only output ends up being text. I’ve found the workaround to be simply outputting the curves and tweening them.

When I input your script, the curves don’t seem to output as well.

I think plugging in a curve component should work just in my case, I got duplicate curves.
Glad things worked for you too.