Tag Elements


Has anyone been able to successfully tag elements?

Inputs: View, Elements, Tag Family Type, Tag Location (Point), Leader (Boolean), Orientation (Horizontal/Vertical)

Output: Elements, Tags

Any help is greatly appreciated.

This could be done using a python script node. But we will add specific nodes for element tagging soon.


Any new updates for tag & dim ?

Its still in the queue. There have been a few tag python definitions posted and components should be coming soon, the dims are a more complex issue.

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hi Japhy,

Is there a tag python definition for beam and column?


You can create a tag family for any of the categories and place per view with the Python Component

RE_Stuctural_Tags.gh (17.6 KB)


Thanks Japhy, this is awesome!

Hi Japhy,
This work is quite amazing! one question, I am wondering if we can setup the offset value of the tag from the beam element? thank you.

For the beam, the tagging works, but somehow the column tagging doesn’t?

I have placed them with Element Location

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Thanks Antonio, let me check this once l got a chance, kind regards.

We have added a component for this task in v1.9.

It’s available from the Daily channel and will on the next RC.

Cool! Thank you Kike, looking forward to it.

I’m having trouble with the leader being locked to the midpoint of beam. Rather, I would like to have a leader that attaches to closest point on curve. Currently I don’t see anywhere to modify leader behavior.

Additionally, I want to be able to define the specific category tag I want to use. Currently I can only set one type of category tag and RiR uses whatever tag family was used last in Revit, but I want to tag the elements twice using different tag families and respective parameters.

Thanks, Jmarch. I’ll add a feature request for the capabilities to be added. Element tracking would require a fresh Add Category Tag to used as to not replace the first one placed.

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I almost got it to work using Add Component (Location) like Antonio above, but lacked control over the View parameter.
Similar to another post I read, access to the 3 Tracking Modes would be useful on the Add Component (Location) node.

Actually Tags don’t have a type variable. The workflow here would be to tag by Category and then switch the Type.

That seems to explain why the last used overrides the default type. For more info, I’m specifically trying to build Start and End Reaction tags that auto-place near the endpoints of a beam.

Is there a way to change the tag orientation when creating one, as the property of orientation is “read-only”

Hi RHPlus_biuro,

Can you provide additional detail and context?

A wall tag has a Angle parameter.