Revit Geometry from Lofts / Sweeps


we’re modeling an existing tunnel with a combination of Revit, Rhino & Grasshopper.
Generally, the geometry is created via lofts / sweeps, because:

  • there is a longitudinal gradient
  • the tunnel is curved (horizontally)
  • the walls aren’t exactly vertical (up to 5-10 cm)

The goal is, to get the geometry as native and editable to Revit, where we currently are struggling. We are able to get it via Direct Shapes to Revit and categorize them into Walls, Floors etc:

Unfortunately, direct shapes are quite the opposite of native and editable, e.g. if I want to place a door into this wall, that isn’t possible.

Is there a way, to get such lofted geometry “better” into Revit?

Thanks a lot,

Hi Marco,

In your image above the walls looks doable as wall by curve, but I’m sure you are running into cases where this isn’t going to be sufficient, where modeling the wall (openings and all) is going to get job done.

To host a Door/ Window it will need to be wall (or curtain wall), and if curved its going to be limited to wall by curve or face.

I can see the possibility of highbred workflow. Where a Revit file has walls, openings that are then taken into Rhino where the you can refine before pushing back to Revit as none native elements. This is similar to how other trade fabrication workflows go that require more detail than Revit can handle but still need to be documented and coordinated in Revit.

Hi Japhy,

thanks a lot for your inputs. You’re right, there are some cases, where wall by curve is possible, but unfortunately the walls often are tilted. Furthermore, there is a section, where the walls and ceiling are even curved (circular profile tunnel).

I also came to the conclusion, that a combined workflow with a teamwork of Revit and Rhino could be the best possible solution for such geometry and workflows.