Sending set of curves to Revit as revit mullions with Rhino inside revit

Hello, I have a set of curves in Grasshopper, that I extracted from my triangulated facade that I need to send to Revit as Revit mullions, is there a native Revit component I could use because as in for now, i am just seeing the " Analyse mullion "component. Thanks in advance!

Hi Alawiya Ali

To be a Revit Native component in this case there would need to be a curtain wall grid system.

What is the final goal of your Revit Mullions? are these for construction coordination or initial design. The intent will drive the possibilities here. Thanks.

Thanks, Japhy, but it’s for construction coordination which requires sending them as a native Revit element(Mullions or beams even ) rather than a direct shape. I have a triangulated facade that has 6 types of profiles based on the edge length and need to send these profiles to Revit in some way.

At what level of detail?

To start you will need a grid, can you post what you have for geometry in that regard?

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Alawiya, That isn’t your typical Revit Curtain Wall. What is the attachment to the structure behind? Getting a connection to reliable structure geometry is going to be key to building up your façade.

These look to be non-planar panels (more than 3 sides with various lengths and depths)

You going to need to use adaptive components.

Please post geometry (Rhino 3d objects) to help understand the problem better.


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i condensed your edge finding script (40.4 KB)

How are you orienting the Mullions? which direction do they face? Do you have details?

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Do you have a small mockup of what this would look like?

For example how the Mullions are Oriented and attached in an area like below?

Plan View

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Hi Alawiya,

Please include Revit Version and any other relevant info required for your GH file, as outlined at the bottom of the pinned post.

The file you posted is in Revit 2022 & has plugin components in your GH file.

Please isolate a small example without plugins if possible. If plugins are required declaring those in your post will help people trying to help. Thanks



Hello , Japhy, Thanks for the reply! ill repost again with all the info ,at the moment I cant do with ought the plugins

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The rotation issue is a Grasshopper math problem, if you can isolate (internalize data / geometry) a small example the problem with no plugins it can be probably be resolved quickly.

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