Create a custom Structural Column Family with height parameter


I am working on creating a Structural Column Revit family through Grasshopper, as part of a Rhino.Inside.Revit workflow.

The top group creates a column geometry as an extrusion of a profile along an axis line. It then places this geometry at various points, but that is not directly related to my question. I have used the resulting geometry to produce a Revit Structural Column family. I want that family to have a height parameter, which governs the length of the column. As an aside, I tested Add Structural Column, which promised to control the column height in relation to Project Levels, but this did not actually modify the height of the column instance.

I have been working my way through the Rhino.Inside.Revit documentation. For some reason I do not find a way to add parameters, and define their relationship to the family geometry, via Grasshopper. Should I instead create the Family via Rhino geometry, and then open the Family Editor in Revit and parameterize the geometry the old-fashioned way?



Correct, associating the parameter programmatically is bit complex. Now that we have Element Reference components it is getting closer, but for now it’s much easier to just open the family editor and putting the label on manually.

Thank you @Japhy

I see how complex this would be.

Am I right that once I go from Grasshopper into Family Editor, I shouldn’t go back, as any parameterization I make of the geometry will be broken?

That depends on the geometry, if the # of faces isn’t changing, for instance a box and you string a driving parameter from the level to the Top Face, updating the family will be fine. If all of a sudden there are a bunch of new facets to that form the dimension would be lost. Same as if you were in the Revit UI.

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Understood, thank you very much.