RhinoInsideRevit - Direct Shape Issue

Dear Community,

I have recently installed RhinoInsideRevit and I was trying to transfer the grasshopper definition of a culvert to Revit for rebar detailing. See the attached GH. All solids as in columns, walls, corbels,beams &slabs are defined and all I want to do is export them to Revit using the direct Shape component, but I can’t seem to figure it out why they don’t work. Also, I seemed to have had some unit conversion issue, as the GH was scaled inside Revit, but now as per the screenshot attached works fine. However, I don’t understand why the transfer is not working.
I don’t actually care about the category, generic models is more than okay as I can start reinforcing them.

Culvert - AxisVM_Revit_RhinoInside.gh (91.8 KB)

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Dragos, your Rhino units should match Revit Units. Grasshopper is unitless and will take on the Rhino settings.

Everything is coming in ok. (Definition required several plugins btw), what exactly is not working?

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Hi Dragos,

you may want to check the project phases. I see no phasing instructions for your elements in the script, so most probably your entities ended up in the last project phase, where you should find them.



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Really sorry for the late reply. This is the solution. Thanks!