Revit 2017 - Installation Error

Hello everyone,

I have installed Rhino Inside.Revit to my device. I have multiple Revit versions installed. In 2019 and 2021, it works just fine but when it comes to 2017, i cant see rhino button on the ‘Add-Ins’ tab. Did anyone have the same issue? Can anyone help me to solve this problem?


We are trying to provide the same functionality in all the versions we plan to release Rhino.Inside Revit v1.0, and due some missing API in Revit 2017 compared with the rest of Revit versions, we recently decided to remove support for this version of Revit.
We hope this matter will not cause you too much trouble.

If you have a started project that can not be updated to Revit 2018, or above, and your office needs this tool running in Revit 2017, we can give you some instructions on how to build a private and unsupported version of Rhino.Inisde Revit 2017 for your internal use.


thanks for the quick response. its not life and death. so no problem. i can install other versions.