Revert to older Rhino version 7.25

Hello, we would like to revert back to an older Rhino version, but I cannot download it anywhere.
I would like to revert back to Rhino 7.25, we now use 7.36 for Windows.

Can someone please send me the link or show me where older versions can be downloaded?

The reason why I want to revert is because within Rhino Inside Revit, the Grasshopper plugin Honeybee (v1.6.0) is not able to refert back to a correct Python path. It used to work before.

See also:


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Thank you Japhy, however sadly I was not able to get a solution by reverting :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update. I ran this by Ehsan and he recommended posted on the ladybug forum (which you’ve done)