Reveal dimension on active CPlane only


I have a question or wish to organize dimensions according to active Cplanes (or current view).

For example, when detailing a building there are many sections and layouts, dimensions overlapping each other from floor to floor. That would be great if dimensions include a property that specify a NamedCplane or NamedView and it would be visible only in the specified viewport only. There would be a command that reveal all dimensions as well in terms of missing element if user fail.
That could be enhanced with lines and hatches for construction junctions during detailing them.

Hi onrender - I guess you can get there in Layouts with HideInDetail etc. but you’re asking for this control in Model space, correct?


Yes, but HideInDetail can also be good but there is no function to hide them all and keep the relevant only. Actually Layout would be better than Model space. Because in model space we can hide all annotation objects easily and Layout is the problematic because that is main area for project delivery. I can imagine a command or script that is combined with the new Snapshot feature (Snapshot and layout would work together) and there would be an active CPlane option with a roll down list that includes all NamedCplanes. The script would check all dims. If the Cplane and dims are on the same plane, it hides all the other dims. The plane of the dims could be determined by the two end points and one point of the text centre point or might be there is a better solution.

Hi onrender - you can do this by layer, in case that helps:

Make a detail active, select a layer in the Layer panel, and in the RMB context menu, choose ‘Layer on in this detail only’


@onrender, your wish is interesting, layouting improvements are much needed for building design.
Would be interesting to have Cplanes, Clipping planes, Named views and Annotations somehow organized together.

There is a plugin for v6 called Layer Classes that might be used to organize a building by levels. I haven’t tried it yet though: