Annotation/Dimension in Perspective detailed view

Is there any way to use aligned dimension in detailed view (perspective) .

function like 2d cplane will be helpful for such work. can anybody tell me if i am missing something that is already available, currently i have to dimension it in perspective model space but i only want to see them in detail view. if i assign layer to it that will be visible in models space as well.

The key to remember is Dimensions are created Coplanar to the viewport they are in.
Assuming this is a default Perspective viewport, usi ng the World Top CPlane, then the 9’ 7" dim was created coplanar to the Top CPlane.
The 10’ 9" dimension would be created coplanar to the Front CPlane.

The Rhino work flow assumes you will be using multiple viewports to model.
You will run into frustrating situations if you’re trying to do everything from one viewport like Perspective.

actually i am wanting this for presentation work. in android, an app called “Imagemeter” which do the same work just by setting up X and Y dimension of perspective grid so i was inspired why this cant be done in rhino as well. i completely want to avoid use of any other 2d software for presentation work.
I also agree to use multiple layouts for working in projects, actually it is my learning phase and i am transitioning from 3ds and blender so maybe using perspective view too much.

I’m not clear on what you means specifically by “presentation work”.

You might want to have a look at this tutorial: