Bug Report: Mac Rhino 6 WIP: export to previous Rhino versions not working

Version 6 WIP (6.16.19141.12096, 2019-05-21)

  • WIPR6 export as Rhino 5 = file can not be read by Rhino 5.0
  • WIPR6 export as Rhino 4 = file can not be read by Rhino 5.0

Hi @cunicode

I’m afraid I’m unable to reproduce this on my computer. I suspect this is file-specific, so we may need to ask for the file that is causing problems.

Here are the steps I’m taking to attempt to reproduce this:

  1. Launch the latest RhinoBETA (6.16.19155.12084) and open:
    Rook2.3dm (10.2 MB)
  2. Navigated to File > Export… and selected Rhino 5 3dm as the version (accepted the defaults: Save Plug-in Data is only one checked). Exported the file as Rook2-v5.3dm to my Desktop.
  3. Repeated the above step, just with Rhino 4 3dm as the version.
  4. Quit the RhinoBETA.
  5. Launched Rhino 5 for Mac 5.5.3 and opened both files.

Both opened as expected.

Can you please help me see what you are seeing?


I have the same problem with some ‘older’ files (4…5 months old) containing render materials and environment info (“rendered” with raytraced / Cycles).


Can you please supply us with one of these files @Philip? I’d like to try that out.

I knew you would ask… :smiley: I would have sent it right away, but I’ve been too busy. I’ll try tomorrow.


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Now I can’t repeat it. I’m confused… Perhaps I made a mistake when exporting to V5. Sorry for the confusion.
@cunicode: do you have a file for Dan to test?


Hi, I’m also unable to reproduce the issue again.
[*already updated to Version 6 WIP (6.16.19155.12084, 2019-06-04)]

The Rook2.3dm (10.2 MB) exports from v6 and re-opens in v5 correctly.

I think this must have been restricted to 6.16.19169.14484.

I cannot reproduce this in RhinoBETA 6.16.19169.14484. If someone can, please let me know how.