Retrieve datatree

Hi there,
I need to retrieve / inherit the data structure from a previous step for a set of points which were flattened. The problem is that I cannot use the “Match Tree”, because the number of points isn’t the same anymore (I used dispatch). Is there an option to use the path mapper the other way round?

…so, the points should still “know” from which curve they derived from. Currently they “remember” in which closed curve they’re in, but this isn’t necessary.



The file would help !..

Oh my god, thank you so much! it worked!

Ok, I have a very similar problem now as I proceeded the coding.
Here is the grasshopper file: (14.5 KB)
… my goal is to get 6 individual curves, but currently the points do not “remember” from which line they derived. Can I somehow reconnect them to the original line?

If you need those points to keep their original line, you must keep the tree structure intact.
Then you need to Weave the points back into a single list to cancel the Dispatch effect. (15.4 KB)

ohh okay I see. I shouldn’t use “explode tree”, but use “weave” instead.
You helped me so much! thanks a lot!!