Retrieve path {0,0} for data use

Hi there !

I am quite new in using Grasshopper for Rhino and I have trouble with some function of the data trees.

I will try to be as clear as possible.

I would like to know if it is possible to select the values of a path in a data tree. Indeed I made a curve/curve intersection between n Circles defined for n points and m polylines and I would like to retrieve the value of the polylines for each n point.

Until now, the only result I have is a data tree with the intersection points between each m polyline and the n circles as a value in a {n;m} list. I would like a {n} list with the polylines as a value.

I hope that my question is clear enough.

Thanks !


I am still working for that project.

Do you know how I could transform the branch on the right to the branch on the left ?



if you post your definition is better, or you want people recreate definition like that to help you?

Sure I can post the files !

Retrieve path for data use (19.8 KB)
Retrieve path for data use rh.3dm (26.2 KB)

i don’t understand which the right or the left
if you want like the image you can use item index

Thanks Seghier for your answer.

I would like to sort the data tree as following, in the same list :

you need to use your method to select one item

or add cull duplicates:

sorry that give you the index only, maybe you need split text or format

I’m not sure this is what you want, anyway according to your description, in this case, using mesh topology like sandbox plugin would make your life a lot more easier.

Retrieve path for data use (30.8 KB)

i am sure there is a method more simple than this

What you have done seems perfect Seghier Khaled. I followed what you have done but I did not find the same result… Could you send me your file ?

Many thanks Kim for your help.
Unfortunately, for this project I am limited to strictly native grasshopper nodes and normally it wouldn’t be possible to use sandbox typology.
Anyway I really appreciate your advices !

does the shift paths component get you there?

Retrieve path for data use gha (2).gh (25.3 KB)

you can also use this

check this as well (12.9 KB)

Hi there ! I was off for some days and I finally try again with your advices in mind. It works perfectly ! Thank you !