Retaining Wall modelling in RIR

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Good day, any success story in modelling retaining wall in their projects using RIR?
The idea is like using the 3d string line from dwg or ifc in creating the retaining wall but can be updated the revit if some changes come on place?

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Hey sketzjewel,

Any more specific data to work with or see what you are trying to achieve ?

Hi Mohamed,

We are thinking of creating a workflow wherein we are going to link an ifc 3d string model lines
from 12d and use as a reference lines in modelling our retaining wall using RIR. The idea is to
have 3 string lines, one is from the center of the road; second is for the top front face of the capping beam where it intersect to the footpath line and the third one will be the base center base point of the steel post and top of the concrete encasing.
Ideally, proof of concept is when we are going to receive a new updated ifc model lines, it will updates automatically our revit model, it may sound ambitious but I hope it is workable.
Hopefully, I made myself clear.

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Can you put together a quick example of the files involved? ifc link & the completed Revit or similar project.

Hi Japhy, I am currently working on the other projects but I will pull the working files later but the issue will be the working files will be too big?

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A small example will be fine, save as, delete the superfluous elements and purge the Revit file twice.

Hi Japhy,
The image above is rhino model with attached 3d dwg lines and below is a revit model in which I am
trying to model it using Rhino Inside, I am having an issue with the wall profile that I am trying to
select from the 3d lines.
Please see the attached working file and if you encounter any issue in accessing the files, please let me know.

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Retaining Wall Test.3dm (33 KB)

Retaining Wall (7.74 KB)

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