Retain attributes like materials when referencing Rhino geometry into grasshopper

Please is there a way to retain properties like materials and material mapping when referencing Rhino geometry into grasshopper?
I tried to reference a textured mesh into Grasshopper and populated it on a surface but after baking, the meshes, all their properties were lost except the geometries.
Is there a way of retaining the materials of a referenced Rhino object in grasshopper OR is my logic wrong for how referencing geometry into grasshopper works?

Please, is there any way grasshoppper can do this without having to write a custom script in python or c#?

I think you might want to look at the package “Human”
There are components for extracting object attributes as well as baking with attributes.

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Hi. Wondering if anyone knows where I can find a tutorial or more info on his topic… the example files here seem to work well for a planar mapped mesh… but I trying to do something with a 3d scan (obj) and its mtl or jpeg… getting close but not quite…