Duplicating objects in grasshoper with materials

I’m modeling a stairway and i have a couple of many design variations i wanted to model one floor and duplicate the rest. but the problem is that in the grasshopper when i duplicate the geometries via the move component, the materials i applied to the original does not carry over. it tried using match properties after baking which even for objects with more the one material but is there a way to do so in grasshopper either natively or via a plugin?

(Your context suggests you might want to use blocks, by the way…)

To bake objects with materials, natively… nope.
But you can do it with scripts :sweat_smile: , like c# or such.


I never used it, but a lot of people mention Elefront … try it!

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For what it’s worth…

Sounds like you want to move/replicate geometry and have it retain attributes (esp. material)?


thanks for the suggestion.
tried Elefront unfortunately it doesn’t have the feature im looking for.
but blocks sound like a great idea :+1:

thanks for your response.
yes i have some geometry in rhino with all the materials set up and i want to retain those material when i duplicate those geometries in rhino