Restrict to Axis like Sketchup does

New guy. I want to restrict movement while drawing lines (curves) in Perspective view like Sketchup. In Sketchup I simply select an arrow key then draw. In Rhino I can only restrict to X & Y axis with shift key, but can’t for Z axis. So imagine this: I’m drawing freehand along the X axis, then move to the the Z axis, then a little more along the X, change to the Y, go a little more then back down the Z axis. I figured out two of those directions, but not the Z.

I’m new to Rhino and want it to work. I’m going into retirement in a few years and don’t want to continue a $300 year subscription for Sketchup anymore and I think Rhino is the answer (pay once for a lot of ability). I’ve heard of Rhino for more than 25 years but only started using it a week ago or so. In 2D it’s much like AutoCAD so I get around pretty quick, but still learning in 3D. And yes, I plan on also creating 3D printing and I need 3D for carvings on my CNC (one year into that already). I’m not new to 3D and realize SketchUp is face models while Rhino makes solids (nurbs).

Thanks a bunch!

Rhino works differently as you can see.
This is why Rhino starts with 4 viewports open.
If you want to draw in the World Z direction, use the Front or Right viewport. You can switch mid command.
The “Planar” option in the Osnap toolbar may be useful here.
You can also use “Elevator mode” to specify a World Z while in the Top or Perspective viewports that share the same CPlane.

I guess I’d recommend skimming through the User’s Guide and do the tutorials that seem different from your Sketup experience.
It’s on the Learn Page under Rhino for Windows.


You can use “elevator mode” to lock movements along the z axis. Click to start the action, then CTRL-click on the same point to activate elevator mode.

EDIT: John beats me to the punch, again.

Thess might be helpful too:

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You can ctrl+click on any point to move in z direction. But rhino is very different and powerful than any 3d software available in the market.

Awesome. Thank you John!

Thank you Kalpit!

Thank you Mark! And I know what you mean about John. :slight_smile: There is a guy over in the VCarve forum named Aiph5u that is also really smart and answers questions really fast. He’s usually the first one!

Thanks again!

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