Axis lock without tab/shift/projectosnap

I understand that one can use shift/tab in orthogonal viewports, or use projectosnap. I wonder if there’s a way to make a simple hotkey to lock in axis in perspective view. For example, arrow right or left locks in X or Y axis and arrow top or bottom locks in Z axis.

Of course arrow keys are already in use for either nudge or panning, but I think it would be a much easier way to lock in axis if some other hotkeys can be used instead of arrow keys.

Have you tried OneView?

If you right-click and drag the Perspective viewport, press Ctrl+Shift and it will lock into the nearest orthogonal view.

To unlock it, hold Ctrl+Shift first then right-click and drag to rotate the view.

Is that what you’re looking for?

I am not sure how these relate to one another - are you asking about locking the cursor to an axis?


I searched the forum, but most answers are to try those. But not exactly what I’m looking for, so I thought I’d mention that.

yes i’m looking for a very simple way to lock in axis. For example, arrow right or left locks in X or Y axis and arrow top or bottom locks in Z axis.

Neat trick. Thanks, I didn’t know about this. But I’m looking for a way to lock in axis still in perspective view.

sorry but what’s OneView?

Hello - apart from Gumball, holding Shift for Ortho and Ctrl for elevator mode (Cplane-Z) are it…


Thank you. While Pascal confirmed what I was looking for doesn’t exist in Rhino, OneView at least helps with using ‘shift’ by changing Cplane quickly.

I found that you can keep ctrl press down then click. It forces axis on vertical. This is convenient. It’s not as easy as pressing an arrow key to lock in axis like SK, but glad at least it’s now easier to lock in vertical axis. It doesn’t look like there’s a same thing for horizontal axis, but using shift+tab is easier for horizontal axis at least.

That technique is called “Elevator mode”. It’s normal (perpendicular) to the current CPlane.