Constrain drawing on Z axis

Hey guys,
Brand new Rhino noob here and I have another simple question that I haven’t been able to find the answer to yet…
Have already created a bunch of objects and I have reference drawings scattered around and about, I go to the front view to draw something. The cursor snaps to things and the shape is completed as I intended but the shape isn’t constrained to only the X and Y axis so when I go to the top view the shape isn’t a straight line, it’s a zig zagged mess where the points have moved off into the sunset on the Z axis to snap to various objects.
I can use the SetPt command to make all the points planar on the Z axis again once I’m finished drawing in the front view but isn’t there a way to make all the points stay on the same Z axis or cplane as you’re creating them even if they’re snapping to points behind on a different Z axis?

I think I’m making this sound far more complicated than it needs to be, :confused:

Naturally, after poking around for a while, googling stuff and typing out that long winded post I think I just figured it out…
“Project object snaps to CPlane” in Osnap settings.

Also, take a look at this post: Axis-constrained drawing? How to think in Rhino, not Sketchup

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Thanks Keith, I actually stumbled across that while I was looking for the solution to my issue and I’m quite glad I did. Looks like it will be very useful.

I recommend running through these pdf guides Windows or Mac, Level 1 and Level 2.

Happy to help where I can,