Restore hidden right side Panel/Sidebar "Getting Started or Tutorials..."?

I just installed the Rhino 6 Evaluation. I’m a total Rhino newcomer. I was trying to see if I could temporarily hide the right side Panel/Sidebar that displays the “Get Started or Tutorials…” (not sure of the exact name). I clicked something in the menu that pops out when the panel gear button is click. That hide the panel. Unfortunately, I can find a menu option to restore it. I kind of expected this to work like Sketchup’s pin/unpin panels since I a Sketchup user.

Can anyone help me find a way to restore that panel/sidebar? I’d like to refer to it while I learn Rhino.


Hello - if the entire set of panels is missing, go to the Panels menu and look for Layers or Properties - that will open this and if it is not docked, you can re-dock it. Now, right-click on any tab in that set of panels and you will see a list of available panels that you can add.
Does that help?


Thanks for your quick response. It helped me understand how the panels and docking works. However, I can’t find the menu item for the panel that displays with a fresh install. It’s a bit hard for me to describe, since I only saw it for a few minutes. That panel was displaying what appeared to be dynamic content that could be used to access tutorials or getting started “like” content. None of the panel menu items appear to be that specific panel. Maybe I could get it back by uninstalling/re-installing?

That should be the “Help” panel. It displays live online help stuff when you run a command.

Yes, I tried that. That does bring up a panel with help content. But, it displays as a hierarchical layout of text links. The Rhino fresh install panel displayed as dynamic/visual content. I guess it is a minor difference. But, I thought that kind of interface would be better for getting started since I could quickly visually see what topics looked most compatible with my workflow without having to scroll through a long list of text links.

Make sure the “Auto-Update” box at the top is checked. Then launch some kind of command like _Line and see what the panel does.

Confirmed that I have Auto-Update checked. That’s good information and I will use it in the future.

I’m having trouble describing the issue well enough. I’m going to have to look around to see if I can find an example to take a screen shot and post it. I think what I saw as a new user is something that an experienced user would have long ago chosen to hide in the UI because it takes up screen area that could be used for real tools. I wish I had given more attention to the name of that panel. I do appreciate the help you’ve given. I have another PC that I could do a fresh install… maybe I’ll try that.


I think I remember what he’s talking about, but not much more. Perhaps you, as “installer man”, would know right away what he means and how to solve his problem?

Well, there are also the Tutorials and the Web Browser panels. The Web Browser panel opens by default to the main Rhino website url, maybe that’s what you saw?

You may be correct about that. However, when I explicitly open the Web Browser panel, it opens to the Rhino3d home page. The content that I saw immediately after a fresh install was not that home page. I haven’t done anything to re-configure the URL that opens when I select the Web Browser. I don’t even know how to do that, yet.

It’s not a show stopper. There is plenty of information available. I just have to learn where it is and how to get to it. This afternoon, I’ve been following along with some of the Rhino Basics videos on YouTube. Learned quite a lot already.

OK, maybe it was set to this page:

Dunno, been a long time since I did a fresh default install of Rhino.

Based on what I’m beginning to understand about the UI, I’m guessing it had to be the Web Browser. But, that page was not the page I saw.