Restore default toolbar

I accidently deleted my layers and properties toolbar on the rhs of the page. I now only have the materials tab. This has happened before and I have gone to tools, toolbar layout and restore defaults.

Then it has asked me to restart the program. Previously this has worked and things have returned. this time after restarting it only gives me the materials tab and the others are missing. I have tried several times

Right-click on the materials tab (or any tab still visible) and you will see a choice of all the possible panels. Check those you want to see. All the tabs you chose will then appear.

If you want more than one row, drag one tab out into the workspace to undock it, then re-dock it below the other one. You can have as many rows as you want with as many tabs as you want in each, just repeat the above.

You can also show/hide panels via the Panels menu.


Click the little “wheel” or “gear” icon that is a bit to the right of the “Materials” tab. This allows you to re-open closed panels. Or try the Panels menu.