All toolbars gone again, Toolbar reset doesn't bring back everything

So it happened again. I opened some random dxf file which caused all toolbars to disappear. Since this happened to me already before, I made a backup last time. But the backup doesn’t bring back the Osnap checkmark bar on the bottom and the Properties/Layers/… tabs on the right. Even ToolbarReset doesn’t bring these back. I’m on Rhino 5 btw.

Hi - the Osnap, properties, layers, … dialogs are not toolbars but panels and as such are not saved with toolbars. You can bring back the properties and layers from the Panels menu. The Osnap panel can be brought back by clicking on the Osnap button on the status bar.

As before, if you stumble upon a reproducible way to make these things disappear by opening a file or so, please let us know!

Thanks again for your help.

I tried to reproduce it but I can’t unfortunately…

In Rhino 5 you can take a copy of the registry entry that controls the layout of your Rhino, and when this happens again you can just double click that file to restore your complete UI. I used that to distribute our custom UI to 140 users here. When we had the occasional time where the toolbars, panels or both went squirrly we just double clicked that file to restore it. Worked 100% of the time.

I don’t have V5 installed anywhere anymore, but I’m sure someone with V5 can tell you what registry file you can copy to accomplish this.

That would be very interesting to know. Hope someone comes up with it, I don’t feel confident to go around snooping in the registry by myself :wink: