Restless vectors

Hello! Tell me, please, how can Grasshopper build a trajectory for flying, dynamic vector lines on the design area in animation as in this video? If such questions have been discussed, please forward me to them. I will say frankly that I have not yet been able to find such topics, and even more so to collect anything on my own in Grasshopper (I collected simple vectors, but they turned out to be static, and I need to activate them).

This is called a particle system or agent-based simulation, where agent trails get recorded for whatever purpose. The agents were called boids by Craig Reynolds, who in the 1970s (?) distilled some basic rules that he observed in nature and that are still widely used nowadays.

Java guru Daniel Shiffmann has a great article about autonomous agents in his amazing book the Nature of Code. There’s a free online version that you can check out.

Usually, folks around here, like myself, code our own agent-based systems in GHPython or C#, because that gives a maximum flexibility to do whatever you want.
There are also powerful coding frameworks, other than Grasshopper, that can handle much more particles for huge simulations (Processing, openFrameworks, etc.).

That said there was back in the day a plug-in called Boids (or something) that you could use in tandem with a looping plug-in like Anemone to get things going, if I remember correctly.

There’s also a series on YouTube by artist Jake Hebbert, if you want to see how to do it in GHPython. It’s quite old by now, but should still be valid.