Agent movement using user drawn vectors

Hi there, I am very new to grasshopper and am trying to recreate the code shown in this blog post: Agent Movement Using User Drawn Vectors – Example 11.3 | Generative Landscapes

He uses this code as a base and shows new chunks to insert, but I have tried different things and can’t quite get the code to act like how his does. It’s probably pretty obvious to people with more experience, but can anyone show me where the new components go?
11_01_Agents Steered by (27.3 KB)

Thanks in advance!

Well … if the goal is to create a random 3d Terrain then this approach has no meaning to me: what are you gonna do with the contours? Write another thing that does the 3d result? And if that is Patch or Patch-like or BallPivot or someting else … why reinventing the wheel?

I would strongly advise something like this - shown the top skin for speed (done via a recursive distortion on a flat seed Mesh vertices according various user defined vars - but this recuires a mid to advanced coding level):