Boids smooth run

What can I do to let the boid move smoother around the ‘obstacle’ like shown with a blue arrow in the image?

boids smooth run (21.2 KB)

Without touching you algorythmus, you could divide the resulting curve and create a nurbs from the new points.

Thank you, I familiar with that.
I actually want to smooth run the particle, so, I can make a better simulation.

Later, I am going to add more boids and than doing other things with it.
I need to make something that behave something like water. The circles will move the particle around like ‘a river.’
Now the particle just drops and slingshots around with weird corners.

I am not asking you for making my work or touching the algorythmuys, but do you know something about that? Maybe larger ‘influece circles.’

Try vector fields!

hope this helps Mr A.

This kind of systems works well only when there is a balance of parameters, then all you have to do is adjust the values to get what you want (if your system is implemented correctly). The values are of all kinds, but the most relevant are the weights of the forces.

I don’t have some of the plugins that appear in that image, then I can’t be specific, but here’s a sample:

BoidChase& (16.5 KB)

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This versions seems better.
BoidChase& (15.4 KB)

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