Need some advice on my project

Hi , I’m stuck ; How can I model this pattern ?
I would appreciate your help


I’d say with something like an agent-based system, where individual particles follow an invisible guide curve. The particles - usually referred to by agents or boids - have attributes like separation, cohesion, avoidance, etc., which determine how each individual behaves in relation to the flock and environment. The tooth picks could be obstacles to avoid.
If you record the trails of the boids, you’ll get curves that you either can pipe to look somewhat like the jute twine and others could be sweeped with a linear profile to look like the orange ribbons.
That said this is more involved than you might think and might involve some programming (e.g. Python, C#).

Here are some threads that might be helpful:

Simply search search forums with the keywords that I mention above.


Thank you so much