Resolution in Print Setup's Rhino PDF tab keeps resetting to 600 dpi

Hi all, I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but for a while now (maybe over a year) I have noticed that the resolution in my Print Setup tab when it is set to Rhino PDF keeps resetting to 600 dpi. I change it to 300 and am able to make a print but when I close the file and reopen it – it’s 600 again. I’m using Version 7.SR25 with Windows 10.

Hi Cosmas - I see that, thanks.


Hi Cosmas -

That frequently gets to me as well, yes. I’ve added this thread to RH-38875 Save the print settings

Note: I don’t think this YT item will be solved as the Eto version of the workflow to create a PDF file already remembers this setting between sessions and will replace the Print pipeline “at some point” (*). When it does, RH-38875 becomes obsolete.
( * ): This is pending getting access to hardware devices to print out stuff from Rhino.

Bottom line: for the time being, consider switching to either the Export or SaveAs command to create your PDF files.

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Hi Wim – Awesome. I’m not sure what you mean though by “for the time being, consider switching to either the Export or Save As command to create your PDF files.” Neither one of these pulls up the Print Setup dialogue box.

Hi Cosmas -

That’s correct. When you export or SaveAs to PDF, that will pull up the Export PDF dialog box instead. That one already remembers the setting between sessions.