Print resolution | adobe pdf


Please, how to set right printing resolution for printing in pdf? I am exporting rendered detail on layout in vectors but lines are still “smudgy”. I have tried Adobe PDF and Rhino PDF (600 dpi, 1200 dpi) export but the output result is the same. PDF/Printscreens attached.

Second Issue. When printing with the Adobe PDF fonts are converting in some deafault font. With Rhino pdf there are ok! A bug?!

048_M_200327.pdf (475.7 KB)
048_M_200327_RhinoPDF_1200.pdf (530.9 KB)

not sure about the built in Rhino PDF.

I use pdf24(freeware) or Adobe PDF and there the procedure is:
pdf 24 also has a 720dpi setting which is fine for most stuff, 1200dpi in raster prints is pretty high res and needs adequate system resources.

Thanks a lot. Unfortunatelt it does not help :frowning: