Changing the default DPI - exporting with Rhino .pdf

Hello. I print a lot of .pdf - s, and end up fith a huge file size, so I always reduce the DPI manually.
It is really tiresome to to this for every document, is there a way to change the default value?

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Hi - There’s currently no way to change defaults, no.
We have that feature request on our list as RH-38875.
I added a link to this thread in that item so that this thread will get notified when the feature has been added.

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Thank you very much for your quick reply. I really hope that this feature will be added ASAP.
Have a nice day.

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Hello. I would like to support the request to be able to change the default resolution in Rhino PDF.
For people in my office, it’s a daily click to reduce dpi for many years and problems when we forget to set it and make files unreasonably large and unprintable on one of our printers…
Thanks a lot.

One more person supporting this ability within rhino^

Count me as well! Please add the option to change default DPI

+1 for dpi default settings!
(colleague was grumpy because I overlooked again to change from 600 to 300dpi, and she could not send the huge document)

Hi all -
Remembering the dpi for PDF creation has been implemented for a while now but I don’t know what’s holding up rolling out this implementation to the Print command. For now, use Export (or, on Mac, ExportAll) or SaveAs to create your PDFs. Changing the DPI in those dialogs will be remembered across sessions.


Looking for this functionality as well. I can set the print defaults via rs.Command, Unfortunately rhino defaults to 8.5x11 with the exportPDF functionality, And I’m also trying to avoid creating and deleting a ton of layouts via code, easier to just select object of interest, zoom to it, export to PDF with its bounding box settings as the page size.

Or is there a way within the rs.Command (“print settings here”) to pass the name of the file and save location? That would be even better and would solve my current problem.

again trying to avoid layouts

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