Changing the default DPI - exporting with Rhino .pdf

Hello. I print a lot of .pdf - s, and end up fith a huge file size, so I always reduce the DPI manually.
It is really tiresome to to this for every document, is there a way to change the default value?

Hi - There’s currently no way to change defaults, no.
We have that feature request on our list as RH-38875.
I added a link to this thread in that item so that this thread will get notified when the feature has been added.

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Thank you very much for your quick reply. I really hope that this feature will be added ASAP.
Have a nice day.

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Hello. I would like to support the request to be able to change the default resolution in Rhino PDF.
For people in my office, it’s a daily click to reduce dpi for many years and problems when we forget to set it and make files unreasonably large and unprintable on one of our printers…
Thanks a lot.

One more person supporting this ability within rhino^

Count me as well! Please add the option to change default DPI