Resizing to a certain dimension

I have a bunch of objects of varying heights and widths. I need to scale them to all be 2 x 2 inches.
I could box edit them and scale them individually, but I’m looking for something that is more time efficient.

Is there a way to selecting them all and them scaling independently, but all together to be a certain size in one shot?

Example: I have a bunch of letters that are all varying height and width, but I want to select them all and resize them so they are all 10" tall. How do I do that?

Hi Jason - it seems like a scripty thing to me. If I have a moment I’ll take a look.

@jason - see how this Python works, for a start (971 Bytes)

(RunPythonScript or -RunPythonScript "Fullpath to py file in double quotes")


@pascal Thank you for looking into this.
I ran the Python script and got this error.

Am I inputting something incorrectly upon running the script?

Oops - checking it, thanks.
@jason - sorry - last minute typo - I replaced the file above… let me know…