Box edit work around for mac


I’ve been using the mac version of Rhino lately and I’m finding the lack of the Box edit tool hard to deal with. Anyone have a good work around? I really like being able to key in dimensions. I know I can key them in during creation but if I want to be able to easily change that 5" box to a 5.125" box like I can on the windows side.

one workaround is with the scale commands.

using your example of a 5" box…

• select the box
• call the Scale command
• click on a corner
• click on the other end of that line
• type 5.125 <return> (instead of clicking a third time for ‘second reference point’)

the box will now be 5.125 cubed …(the distance between the first and second click will become whatever value you enter and the rest of the object will scale accordingly)

you can also use Scale1D and Scale2D to limit the axis which the box will scale along)
Scale1D would move in just one direction like an extrusion… Scale2D will make the x and y axis the new value while leaving the Z axis untouched.

You can also use MoveFace command or cmd-shift select faces or edges and use Gumball arrows to move them.