Resize a background bitmap or picture frame

Is it possible to resize a background bitmap or picture frame image in Mac rhino 5.0?

All the normal transformation commands work on PictureFrames - Move, Rotate, Scale, point editing, etc…

When in the BackgroundBitmap command, on MacRhino you have all the same commands as in WinRhino, Move, Scale, etc. You cannot rotate a background bitmap in either version…


Thank you. I was trying to use stretch with no success.

Stretch should work on picture frames - not on background bitmaps. Gumball also works on picture frames. I pretty much always use a picture frame and not a background bitmap because of its flexibility.


The other day a friend of mine asked me for a way to place an image in Rhino and I told him to use the Picture Frame command. He asked me where was that command located in the menu bar, but because I’m so used to the command line I could not remember where that command was located in the menu. It took me a bit to find that it was under surface-plane. Don’t you think it should be in a more logical place like in view menu?. I know it’s a surface with a material applied but its function is for reference not for surface generation.

Just a thought,

Yes, but you have to generate the surface to apply the ‘Picture Frame’ texture to it. I believe it is fine where it is.

If I use a curve or line for a reference, it is still a line and Picture frame is still a surface.

How I use basic lines & surfaces as a jewellery modeller will be different than an architect or boat modeller, it doesn’t mean that the lines & surfaces should be in a different menu for me than for them.

Just my 2¢