Background Bitmap Layer Management Wish


Please add the capability to assign Background Bitmaps to Layers and manage multiple Background Bitmaps using the the Layer dropdown list as you would for any other object in Rhino.

Thanks, Bill

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Bill - the PictureFrame command will probably be more useful for what you need - PictureFrames (Picture in V6/WIP) are regular Rhino objects with images.



Thanks for the quick reply!
Best, Bill


PictureFrame is great. If Background Bitmap is going to be eliminated please include all of the functionality of BackgroundBitmap within PictureFrame / Provide similar documentation to BackgroundBitmap within help / tutorials / manuals for PictureFrame particularly for reverse engineering. I only use these commands every few months at best so remembering exact workflow is sketchy and documentation helps.

(Pascal Golay) #5

Hi Bill - the one, perhaps major, perhaps not, thing that is not in there for PictureFrame (Picture in V6) is that they do not draw behind everything like a BackgroundBitMap. On the other hand you get to have as many as you like, you can orient them other than square to the view, you can manage them via layers an material - all in all more useful I think.