Background image feature that would help

I often need to use reference images in my work and use the background images features in Rhino 5.
What would help is to be able to see the reference image semi-transparent and be able to rotate it. I end up going out of Rhino and into Photoshop, rotate the image and fading it to be useful. That slows me down. Seems like a simple programming task that you guys could offer. Am I missing something here?

Hi. Just use PictureFrame, and then goto the Materials Properties and adjust Transparency to suit. You can also rotate, scale and lock the pictureframe etc. Michael VS

Agree with mvyess. Forget about BackgroundBitmap and use PictureFrame.

Hi Bill,

Run the Pictureframe command and bring in your image. Once it’s in (you don’t have to worry about it’s size initially. You can change it.) select it, and go to Properties, make sure that “Assign material by” is set on Object and adjust its transparency under Basic Settings.

Note-- you can adjust its size, rotate it, and even trim it.

If you are using Layout to create drawings, be sure to set the display mode in your details to Rendered to print it.

No need to go to Photoshop.


Also… Bill,

Note that you can not use pdf’s with the pictureframe command. Just jpg’s, png’s etc.

Pictureframe seems likes a good way to go.
Blender has the best background interface that I’ve seen: