Limitations on command "Background Bitmap": why?

I noticed that you can not insert more than one background bitmap to view; In addition, you can rotate a bitmap background, I asked: “do not believe in Rhino 6 should introduce this kind of operation?”.
The bitmap can move, scale, but rotate why not?

In this video you can see the various possibilities regarding the command “background bitmap” in “SolidThinking 2014”, for example, transparency and rotation of the bitmap…
To add to Wish list for Rhino 6, what do you think?

Why don’t you use PictureFrame ?

BackgroundBitmap is a very old command. It’s been in Rhino for ages.
We wrote PictureFrame to replace the functionality of BB and fix the limitations you described. When we tried to remove the old BB command from Rhino, some users howled so we left it in.

I’ve heard rumblings that we might slightly enhance PF and take another run at removing BB from Rhino.

Hi Davide- PictureFrame is a more versatile tool. Make sure to check the option to embed the bitmap in the file- or at least notice it and make a decision- the default is currently to not embed the image in the 3dm file, unlike BackgroundBitmap.