Background bitmap?

I started off this morning trying to do a quick 5 minute job with Rhino 6 . I couldn’t find the background bitmap command so I looked in the help . —The help file for Rhino 6 had the background bitmap directions , but it doesn’t work in 6 . Tried typing the command in and it told me to use picture . --couldn’t find the toolbar in Rhino 6 for picture , so I opened the background bitmap toolbar . Then when I tried to use the toolbar it told me that background bitmap was obsolete and to use picture . —45 minutes later and I’m not a big fan . —going to use Rhino 5

Picture is the command formerly known as Picture Frame:

Most people find Picture more useful than Background Bitmap, however, in the most recent version of Rhino 6 (Im using the SR Candidate 6.2), Background Bitmap should also work.

I found the picture command , but I don’t see any way to align it to the c plane or scale it ? —The ability to rotate it would be extremely useful . —Didn’t Rhino 2 have this capability ?

Hi MIke - a Picture is just a plane - so you can scale it, rotate it, orient it , etc just like any other object.(Orient with Scale is a good way to do the ‘Align’ part of BackgroundBitmap).