Resample texture input problem / bugs

Hi @andy and @nathanletwory ,

using the “Resample texture” i cannot enter smaller values than 0.1 in the Radius field on Mac. On Windows i can enter values like 0.001 without problems.

When changing values from the Texture tab and the texture, which i edited, is assigned to eg. a decal, the decal displayed in the viewport does not update unless i select/unselect the object with the decal. This happens on Mac and Windows.


I’ve notified @maxsoder for this.

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I have logged the input bug as

Br, Max

The fix will be in v.7.25. I added some more decimal places to the radius stepper control.

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Thank you @maxsoder for the quick fix !


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Hi @maxsoder, could you please add the same fix to Rhino 8 WIP (Windows) ? I’ve just noticed that 0.01 is the smallest i can enter which is quite a lot of blur if the texture is larger than 1024px.


Changed made in 7.x generally flow automatically to 8.x. Anyway, you can add many more decimal places on Mac too in Rhino 8 WIP


Hi @nathanletwory,

below is what i see using Rhino 8 WIP (8.0.22319.12305, 2022-11-15) on Windows:


probably the changes flor Radius are not in yet. Not sure why i cannot enter the samples values.


I’m using the same release on Mac Rhino 8 SR0 2022-11-15 (Rhino WIP, 8.0.22319.12306). I’m sure @maxsoder will check it out when he gets to it.

Yes, I will check. This is clearly a bug.

Thanks @maxsoder, it also prints a lot of stuff to the commandline when changing slider values or entering numbers:

btw. just tried decimal point vs. comma :wink:


This is good information. The second last line that starts with “5 oldvalue”, means that there are 5 decimals in the value 0.00125. This is correct, but it seems that it only works with comma on your system.

Thanks for the clue. This helps a lot.

Sounds like it needs the classic invariant culture fix :slight_smile:

I have a fix for this. I will commit the fix today or during the weekend.

Hi @maxsoder, yes german os but Rhino runs in english.


Hi @maxsoder and @nathanletwory,

the Resample texture shader in Rhino 8 (8.0.23066.13185, 2023-03-07) seems to be partially broken. Please try this to repeat the issue:

  1. Create a new custom material
  2. Click to add a new bitmap texture to the Color slot
  3. Do not choose a bitmap, instead choose the Resample texture shader
  4. Choose a 1024x1024 px image for it (wait for a long time)
  5. Set the U Divisions to image size, 1024 (wait for a long time)
  6. Set the V Divisions to image size, 1024 (wait for a long time)
  7. Set the max samples value to 1 (wait for a long time)
  8. Enable the Blur checkbox (wait for a long time)
  9. Set the Blur type to Triangle (wait for a long time)
  10. Change the radius to a value of 0.02 (wait for a long time)
  11. Enable Wrap U checkbox (wait for a long time)
  12. Enable Wrap V checkbox (wait for a long time)
  13. In the Mapping properties, change the Repeat values to 2 (wait)
  14. Enable Rendered Display mode (wait for a very long time)

The result is that the tiling (Repeat) is not changing in the viewport. Changing the Repeat values in the Bitmap / Mapping slots also does not change the texture display, it remains untiled. Changing Offset and Rotation has no effect either on the viewport.

Above process takes around 5 Minutes on my system, but i can see that the regeneration of the material uses all CPUs. I usually have to do this with textures applied for the displacement modifier which then generates another very long timeout to recompute.

Would’nt it be better to add the Blur feature to the Output Adjustment section of a Bitmap texture instead ? I mean without all the Resampling options and a proper integer intput for Blur radius & just the UV Wrap checkboxes.

This would save users a lot of time and remove unneccessary inputs / timeouts for re-generating the material on each change.

Using larger 4K to 8K images, it can be slightly frustating to blur a texture and find the proper blur radius because the value is in relation to the image size but not in pixels.

thank you,

Hi @nathanletwory and @maxsoder,

after purchasing and installing the new RH8 i would like to remind you that the issues listed above are still there. Resample texture is unusable.

(8.0.23304.9001, 2023-10-31)

Hey, in step 2 instead of choosing bitmap texture directly choose resample texture. It doesn’t make sense to put one inside a bitmap texture.

Anyway, further I have to say I don’t understand the resample texture so I can’t really help otherwise. I’ll let @maxsoder investigate and log bugs if necessary.

I will make a YT for this.

Are there other UI related issues? I also do not have a lot of knowledge about the resample texture, but if I understood correctly the problem is that it is super slow to use?

Added RH-78399 Add Blur and radius options to the output adjustment section