PROBLEM - Unable to adjust value of material texture


Since many release, and still actually with the Version 6 (6.19.19274.01012, 2019-10-01)
I am unable to change value (0-100) of textures (color, transparency, bump or environment)
It always stay at 100…(new entry change nothing, and then 100 replace my entry)

Is it a general bug, or only me? someone could try it?

Thank you

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Hello - so far this works here - I make a plane, assign a new custom material and assign a bitmap texture to the Color channel. If I set that to 30%, the texture is indeed reduced in intensity.


Aha, but I see in a full render it is not reduced. thanks for the report.


For me the same issue!
I am able to chance and load materials on the Windows Version of Rhino 6, but not on the Mac Rhino 6 Version!

You’re welcome for the report :slight_smile:
But I also have v7, latest, and it also react as v6, without changing aspect of texture with values

@antoine - here, it looks like the problem occurs if the same texture is applied to more than one material at different intensities - is that the case for you?


@pascal - In fact it occurs for any texture:
I open a new file from empty template
add new custom material
add new jpeg file as diffuse texture
And value does nothing, if I type 20, nothing change, and if a hide material tab and reopen it, value is still 100.
Also if I click on checkbox to uncheck texture it does nothing, and stay visible at 100%…
Let me know if you need other informations

Hi Antoine - ok, thanks - this is a little different from what I see so far - I’ll test some more.


@pascal - As an idea, I did also this test:

Thinking about texture resolution, I only open a regular material include inside the release, a wood rhinomat, texture file was 1024x1024, and it is the same problem, checkbox, and value box does nothing.

Maybe it will give you some informations…

Hi Antoine - here I still only see a problem in the full rendering, and only if there are two materials that share a texture. The UI is correct and the rendered viewport is correct… looks like two different things- I cannot reproduce, so far, the numbers reverting to 100%
Can you please save a simple example of what you’re seeing and post it here?


@pascal Hello, please find three screenshot, made from a new empty file, template empty.

I make a cube, create new custom material, put color to red, then add texture of diffuse, using a Jpeg, then i lower the value to reduce visibility, nothing happen. then I uncheck box, and nothing change too, it stay visible
I try both render view, and raytraced view, both doesn’t work…

Let me know if you need other test, please find the file, and texture


Hi Pascal, did you find a way to maybe solve this problem?

Thank you