Can't offset a curve with a value smaller than 1 in rhino 5

Yepp, that is my problem right now,any ideas on how I can resolve this issue? Thanks.


It this all curves, all files? One particular curve? (if so please post). Windows? Mac? Please supply us with a bit more info.


Hi Mitch

All files, all curves. Windows 8.1

Funny thing is… I just restarted Windows and reopened the file and I was able to set a value less than 1. (0.1) BUT after a while working, the same problem occurred. Restarting Rhino did not do the trick. I have to restart windows and after that I am able to set values smaller than 1 for a small period of time!

What da heck ?

Do you have the latest service release candidate? It might be related to this (all I can think of)…

Do you have iCloud installed? Does typing testDecimalPoint fix the problem by any chance?


Maybe it’s that same Problem with the iCloud as in [this thread here][1].

Edit: ignore this, Mitch beat me. :slight_smile:
[1]: After importing mesh from STL I can't input numerical values with decimal

Thanks Guys! So far it seems to do the trick!

Cheers from Munich


The new SR10 service release candidate has the fix for this.

Thanks for the info, John. Hope It’ll be out soon!



You can get the release candidate here: