Grasshopper Spacebar as Enter and other ergonomics

These for sure may seem like papercuts…
In Rhino Spacebar acts similar to the Enter key.

  1. In Grasshopper it happened that two common component actions start with W and D and these keys are right underneath my left hand fingers. I want to use the spacebar (following Rhino fashion) instead of enter because the spacebar is also under my left thumb and thus I don’t need to move my left hand to the right side of the keyboard or move my right hand from the mouse.


  1. If you hoover your mouse cursor over this popup menu you can’t use mouse scroll anymore. I would like to use the scroll to move up and down the sublist. I know I can use the first letter of the object, but I think in some cases it would be faster to scroll and once again not move your hand at all - 1 for the right letter, 2 to press Enter.

  1. It would be nice if the wires of the highlighted objects would be highlighted too because sometimes parameters can be named the same. - I doubt this making GH1 but maybe a little wish for the GH2 if it’s not working like that already.

  2. Also, maybe the most important:
    I believe when this pops up it should be scrollable by mouse too. I found myself more and more only using my left hand to type a few letters to search for the right components. When I find what I want I would accept the selection with the mouse right-click (wherever my cursor currently is, just like in Rhino) and left-click to escape (or escape key) from this menu.
    What to do with the spaces in component names, and why not to use a spacebar to accept is a different thing to consider.

All these might seem like small things but if you play with wires all day it adds up and makes a difference. While working with Grasshopper my right hand travels too much in my opinion.

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